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Scholar's Prep Academy

The academic program at Scholar's Prep places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development, while meeting state requirements. Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow us to offer a comfortable and inclusive educational environment, while ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need.


Principal’s Welcome

Krista R. Jex, from Brooklyn, New York received both of her degrees from the University of Phoenix. Her Bachelor's degree is in Psychology and her Master's degree is in Healthcare with a Concentration in Education. Ms. Jex is also a Certified Cognitive Brain Trainer. Ms. Jex always worked in the field of education. She was a Director of the afterschool program for Orange County Public Schools, she worked as a cognitive brainer trainer in Lake Mary, FL with LearningRX, she mentored for Mentoring and Motivating Youth of America working with children in foster care and JDC visiting clients in psychiatric facilities as well as group homes. She was a school guidance counselor for a school in Zellwood, FL. She taught Psychology to high school students and she taught second grade for two years. All of her experiences and titles are what differentiates Ms. Jex from many other principles across the country. 


At the age of twenty seven Ms. Jex decided that she wanted to start her own private school. She went on a three year journey to study, research and gain all of the knowledge she needed in order to create the brand she wanted. At the age of thirty Ms. Jex incorporated her school, Scholar's Prep Academy, Inc. There was so much disservice taking place at other schools, but she did not have the voice to change what was taking place., She knew if she had her own school she could be the voice and the change. Her passion was always with the inner city youth. Her goal was to bring quality to their neighborhood and that is why she identifies her private school as the "neighborhood private school". Her main focus was to make sure that she met the emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and educational side for all students. Her motto is "Changing the City one Child at a Time" through dedication, determination and devotion. 


Ms. Jex is a mother of two boys, Nikai Jex Martinez and Eian Jex Martinez. She is the only girl of three brothers, Eugene Jex Jr., Paul Jex and Alex Jex.  She is also very involved with her nieces and nephews. Ms. Jex is a very family oriented person and enjoys togetherness and community. Ms. Jex is very much into the sports world and calls herself a football mom. Both of her sons play football. Nikai plays football for the University of Central Florida (Hometown Hero) and Eian plays football for Apopka High School. Sports has been Ms. Jex's passion for the majority of her life.


Ms. Jex's passions are children and friendships. It brings Ms. Jex so much joy to see others elevate and chase their dreams. She loves to serve and be a vessel in the community. Ms. Jex was a teenage mom and overcame many obstacles that were created to bring her down. She went to four different high schools, graduated at age eighteen pregnant with her first son Nikai and had no plan. With her faith and guidance she was able to overcome all obstacles that were created to keep her down and find her passion that is now her purpose, people. She took a risk on her vision and her vision created her reality, Scholar's Prep Academy. Her past did not mark her present nor her future. All of her beliefs came into fruition and because of her experiences she was able to realize that God was in control through this entire journey.


Note from my heart.....

As I continue this journey of fulfilling my purpose, I am extremely grateful for all of the love and support from God, my family and friends. Without any of them none of this would be possible. 


Thank you,


Krista Jex, CEO/Director

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Our Mission is to meet a child where they are and to help build them up. We plan to help develop the desire of learning by focusing on the whole child, which include the social, mental and cognitive functionalities of each individual student. Our approach is to emerge diversity, through offering innovative programs, and dedicated teachers

Vision & Goals

The vision is to create a well-known school which caters to inner city youth and produces major gains when it comes to student achievement. Our idea is to help make the area in which Scholar's Prep Academy is located a more pleasant place to live and work. We plan to be one of the state's most impactful prep schools for students that have not been able to succeed in a traditional school setting. The vision is to create an effective program K5-12th school that not only produces a high level of student success, but also helps train the next cohort of educators. Our vision is to not only be regarded for our academic success, but to serve and contribute within the community in which it operates.​

Our goal is to provide mental, physical, social, as well as emotional guidance that will lay the foundation for a worthy and useful life. Our plan is to provide all of our students with a cautiously individualized academic program within a reassuring environment where respect for the individual, community, and ethics are promoted. Our ultimate goal is to motivate our children to become lifetime learners and prepare them with the necessary skills to adapt to an everchanging world.

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