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Experience Playing Yellow Card Betting to Achieve "Extremely High" Victory

Yellow card betting is one of the popular types of football bets with a fairly simple gameplay. Even beginners can easily play this type of bet. Let's follow Wintips to explore vip football tips the experiences of playing yellow card bets to achieve extremely high victories from experts.

What is a Yellow Card Bet?

Yellow card betting is a popular type of football bet like Over/Under betting, European Handicap, Asian Handicap, etc. With this type of football betting, players prefer to use it because they don't need to worry about the result of the match.

The important thing is that players need to pay attention to the number of yellow cards appearing in the match. This means that players predict the number of yellow cards that the referee will give out in the 90 minutes of play between the two teams. This type of betting is the top choice of many bettors because of its simple gameplay and the opportunity to win big.

Some basic forms of yellow card betting:

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is a form of betting involving the upper and lower teams. In the match, the bookmaker will offer a certain handicap ratio, and players will predict the number of yellow cards with corresponding odds for each team.

The rules of yellow card betting are based on the number of cards the referee pulls out in the 90 minutes of play. At the same time, the yellow card must be given to players on the field. Yellow cards given to substitutes or coaches will not be counted.

Over/Under Betting

Over/Under yellow card betting has a fairly simple gameplay, with rules similar to regular Over/Under betting. Players will predict how many yellow cards will be given out in the match and choose to bet on Over or Under according to the rules.

If players believe that the actual number of cards given out is higher than the predetermined number, they bet on Over.

If players believe that the number of yellow cards is lower than the bookmaker's number, they bet on Under.

Odd/Even Betting

Odd/Even yellow card betting often has a very high winning rate. Therefore, many people participate in this form of football betting, where players only need to predict whether the total number of cards for both teams is odd or even.

With this betting format, players can participate during each half of the game or play within the official 90 minutes of the match.

First and Last Yellow Card Betting

With this extremely attractive form of yellow card betting, players don't need to worry about the number of yellow cards given out in the match. They only need to pay attention to the first yellow card shown to which team and the last yellow card shown to which team.

Especially, players don't need to calculate too much when playing this betting format, nor do they need to constantly follow the match's progress. This type of yellow card bet is suitable for players who may not have much time but still want to participate in betting.

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Experience in Placing Accurate Yellow Card Betting

It can be seen that playing the yellow card betting is quite simple and not too complicated, but not everyone knows how to play effectively. Therefore, players need to further enrich their valuable experiences from experts as follows:

Thoroughly analyze match information

Players need to analyze information surrounding the match and the teams involved. This will be very helpful in accurately predicting betting odds. Besides, also pay attention to the following information:

Understand the situation, strength, and form of play of both teams.

Create an analysis chart of the yellow card withdrawal rate of teams in recent matches.

Gather and statistically analyze the number of yellow cards in the recent matches of both teams.

Pay attention to special players who frequently commit fouls, players with the highest likelihood of receiving yellow cards.

Understand the main referee of the match

Not only understand information about the players of the teams playing, but players also need to pay attention to the main referee. According to the experience of top players, the referee has a significant influence on the number of yellow cards drawn in the match.

If this referee is a card-happy official, then this match is sure to have the highest yellow card count. According to statistics, European referees tend to be stricter than Asian referees.

Based on the nature of the match

The nature of the match affects the number of yellow cards drawn. For finals, players will undoubtedly play with all they've got to secure victory against the opponent vying for the championship.

Depending on the nature of the regional football tournament, it also affects the yellow card betting odds. For matches in Asia, tournaments often witness more conflicts and hence more yellow cards.


With the detailed information betting tips app download shared above by Wintips regarding yellow card betting, if you are interested in this type of bet, then this is a useful article for you. From there, you can place effective bets, increase your chances of winning, and bring home a huge prize for yourself.


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