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Guide to play Draw No Bet in football betting

What is Draw No Bet? This is one of the favorite types of bets for many players. It is also a low-risk form of betting for enthusiasts. Surely, some players still do not fully understand this form of gambling. So what are the interesting and appealing features of this type of bet? Let's follow the article below from the daily free soccer tips – Wintips to understand more about this content.

What is Draw No Bet?

Draw No Bet, also known as draw money-back bet, or commonly referred to as the level ball bet. When playing this type of bet, players can receive their bet back if the match results in a draw.

In fact, this type of bet is also quite popular in many other sports disciplines, such as basketball, volleyball, not just limited to football. Draw No Bet is considered by experts as a type of bet that reduces the risk when gambling. Instead of playing betting on Asian handicap or European handicap bets.

This is a type of bet where players can only choose over or under. If the result is a draw, the bettor will be refunded the entire amount of the bet. This is a form developed based on the European odds. Therefore, this type of bet will not have a handicap ratio between the two participating teams. However, there is a slight difference in the odds between the over and under teams. The team in the over bet will have lower odds compared to the team in the under bet. Surely, you understand more about what Draw No Bet is. Let's continue to follow the next content to understand more about the rules of play.

What are the rules of Draw No Bet?

The way to play Draw No Bet is quite similar to the 1 x 2 European odds. This is a level ball bet that players often hear about. When playing, people have the following betting options: Home team and Away team.

For example: In the match between Hibernians Paola FC and Flora Tallinn. If you bet on Hibernians Paola FC to win, the following scenarios may occur:

Hibernians Paola FC wins: In this case, you will win the full amount of money.

Flora Tallinn wins: Players will lose the entire bet amount.

Both teams have a draw: The bookmaker will refund the bet to the player.

With odds like this, no matter how you bet, players can ensure the safety of their capital. In the event of a draw, it's as if you never placed a bet. The entire amount of money that everyone initially invested will be refunded by the bookmaker when there is a draw.

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What is the secret to winning easily with Draw No Bet odds?

Although Draw No Bet odds are considered an easy and relatively risk-free type of bet, it doesn't mean that one should not be cautious. Without careful preparation, you could end up losing all your wagers. So, what are the key strategies for playing Draw No Bet odds? Below are some useful tips from experienced bettors that you can refer to.

Choose matches with a clear difference in strength between teams

When playing Draw No Bet odds, it's advisable to select matches between strong and weak teams. Betting on the stronger team ensures a higher probability of winning. With higher odds, your chances of winning increase, and even with lower odds, you still stand a chance of winning. Therefore, there's no need to worry excessively when betting on such matches.

In the event of the stronger team losing, you still secure a win. And if the match ends in a draw, you can still get your wager back as a refund from the bookmaker.

Pay attention to external factors

External factors, although not directly related to the match, can significantly influence the outcome unexpectedly. If the following situations arise, it's essential to take note and reconsider your betting choice:

Information about injured players or players suspended from the match.

When a coach is penalized and unable to be on the field, it's also worth paying attention to, as it can affect the team's performance and chances of winning.

The physical and mental condition of players before the match.

Changes in the lineup or playing style of the teams.

These factors have varying degrees of influence on the match outcome. Therefore, thorough analysis and attention to detail are necessary to make accurate predictions, leading to substantial rewards.

Analyze the odds offered by various bookmakers

Based on the experience of analyzing odds, you can compare the results offered by different bookmakers in the market. Each bookmaker bases their odds on the match's situation, resulting in different odds. This comparison helps you make accurate assessments and comparisons of the odds.

Implement multiple betting strategies

It's advisable to combine Draw No Bet odds with other types of bets. Combining different types of bets increases your chances of winning significant amounts of money. Here are some types of bets that bettors can consider combining:

Handicap betting for the entire match.

Betting on which team scores the first goal or whether no goals are scored, or who scores the last goal.

Betting on the player to score the first goal or the player to score the last goal.

However, to combine these bets effectively, bettors need to have diverse and extensive knowledge. Only then can you achieve the desired winning results while minimizing the risk of placing wrong bets.

In summary, Wintips, the bookmaker analysis website, has compiled all the information football tips app about what Draw No Bet odds are. Surely, everyone has gained some experience in analyzing odds and gained a better understanding of this fascinating type of bet. Hopefully, you'll have enjoyable and exciting betting experiences. Wishing you all the best of luck and many opportunities to win big while betting.



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