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Complete Guide to Corner Kick Betting from A-Z with Superb Betting Tips 2024

Corner kick betting is currently the most popular form of football betting in the fan community. Instead of predicting the win-loss outcome or the number of goals, players predict how many corner kicks will occur during the official playing time. Let's read the following article by Wintips to get all the information soccer tips over 2.5 goals from A-Z about this type of betting.

Corner Kick Betting and Interesting Information

Corner kick, or Corners in English, is a common form of betting in sports lounges. As the name suggests, players predict the number of corner kicks scored by both teams throughout the match and place their bets. The referee determines when a player is allowed to take a corner kick (when the ball crosses the goal line outside the goal frame). This form is currently favored by many players because it doesn't require the headache of predicting win-loss outcomes or exact scores like other types of bets.

There are various forms of corner kick betting available today, often combined with other bets such as Handicap, Over/Under, etc. Additionally, players can also predict which team will take the first or last corner kick. The winning odds for this type of bet are often much higher than others, making it increasingly popular among the fan community.

Most Popular Types of Corner Kick Bets

There are many forms of corner kick betting available for players to flexibly choose from. Let's summarize the most popular types of bets at bookmakers.

Corner Handicap

A popular form is live corner kick handicap betting. With this type of bet, players must consider how many corner kicks both teams will make, then bet on the difference between them. This form is "harder to play" than Over/Under, but the reward ratio is quite high, so it's often chosen by experienced players.

Over/Under Corner Kicks

The combination of corner kicks and Over/Under is quite popular in football matches. Players predict the number of corner kicks made by both teams compared to the odds provided by bookmakers. Betting Under when estimating that the total number of corner kicks in the match will be less than the bookmaker's odds, and vice versa for Over. This form can also be applied to the first half, second half, but usually, players bet on the entire match.

Odd/Even Corner Kicks

Another commonly chosen form is betting on odd/even corner kicks. The method of analyzing this bet is super simple; players just need to predict whether the total number of corner kicks by both teams will be odd or even.

1×2 Corner Kicks

Combining the 1×2 (home win, away win, draw) with corner kicks is also popular among players. Specifically, players have three options for their predictions:

1: Predicting that the home team will have more corner kicks.

2: Predicting that the away team will have more corner kicks.

X: Predicting that both teams will have the same number of corner kicks.

First/Last Corner Kick

To increase excitement and difficulty for members, reputable bookmakers also offer the option to bet on the first or last corner kick. Players predict which team will take the first corner kick (First Corner) or the last corner kick (Last Corner).

No Corner Kick Bet

Additionally, players can predict that there will be no corner kicks in the entire 90 minutes of play. This is a special betting form with very high odds for correct predictions. However, players need to consider carefully when betting on this because it's very rare for a match to have no corner kicks.

Next Corner Kick Bet

This bet is for players who like to take risks and want to bet while the match is ongoing. Players predict which team will be awarded the next corner kick.

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Secrets to Easily Win Big on Corner Kick Betting

Corner kick betting is favored for its high reward ratio, but it also comes with a considerable risk. You can follow some super effective tips below to enhance your betting success.

Study the two teams and evaluate their playing style before placing bets

An important factor in making corner kick bets easier to win is to thoroughly research information about both teams. Specifically, consider aspects such as expected line-ups, head-to-head history, recent form, etc. This way, players can understand the match situation and evaluate the playing style of both sides. Typically, attacking-oriented teams tend to have more corner kicks, while strong defensive teams tend to have fewer.

Consider factors such as pitch conditions and weather

For those intending to bet on corner kicks in 1x2 format, pay attention to the pitch conditions. Players who are not familiar with the terrain may be more prone to influence and commit more corner kick fouls. Additionally, do not forget about the weather factor; statistically, rainy weather tends to result in more corner kicks compared to sunny and dry weather.

Carefully analyze the corner kick odds

With corner kick betting, it's challenging to be certain of a high winning probability. This is because there are many factors influencing players' ball-playing routes, regardless of their professional or amateur level. Another way to increase one's betting success is by closely monitoring the betting odds:

If a strong team is trailing in the first half, players should consider betting on corner kicks for the weaker team in the second half.

If two teams are evenly matched, it's advisable to bet on the total number of corners (over/under or odd/even) to increase the chance of winning.

Avoid betting on matches without corner kicks.

If the halftime score is 0-0, 1-1, or 2-2, consider betting on the over corner kicks for the second half.


The above article has provided betting tips best sites you with a detailed guide to corner kick betting from A to Z. This is currently one of the most popular and discussed betting formats in the online gaming community. Remember to refer to the super effective tips mentioned above to further enhance your chances of winning when betting on this type of market


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